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Micron 20

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Rules of ordering PCB boards PDF Print E-mail
  • Company name, delivery address, phone number, email, phone number, contact person, Invoice details
  • Correct file or set of files – don’t duplicate PCB name with older one
  • Number of layers:
  • Single-sided (here you can order material without copper foil, just choose 0 microns for copper foil thickness)
  • Double-sided,
  • Multilayer, up to 8 layers, number of drilling cycles(includes main drilling and drilling of inner layers)

  • File name
  • Size and quantity of the boards or panels
  • New artwork – yes/no
  • Soldermask – both sides, only on top, only on bottom, without
  • Soldermask color – green (standard), red, blue, red, white
  • Legend print (silkscreen) – both sides, only on top, only on bottom, without
  • Legend print color – white (stand at), yellow, black
  • Finish plating: HAL-Lead (standard), HAL-Lead free, OSP (passivation), without
  • Base material - the standard is FR-4, 1.5mm, 35 microns. Different combinations between base material thickness, and copper foil thickness are available.
  • Other options: routing(milling), v-cut(scoring), galvanic gold on edge connectors, carbon, peelable mask electrical test of bare boards
  • Holes before or after metallization – refers to double-sided and multilayer boards. The result of metallization process is reduced holes diameter by 0,1mm. Please write in the additional information field which variant you choose! Combining of close drill sizes is possible during preparation.
  • Terms of production 15 working days.(standard), 12,  10, 7, 5 and 3 working days., 48  and 24 hours
  • Minimum holes – 0,35mm /0,014 inch/, max hole – 6,3mm/0,248 inch/. Bigger holes can be routed
  • Minimum pad-hole gap – 0,4mm /0,016inch/
  • Minimum track/space –  0,2mm/0,008inch/
  • File formats:  GERBER-274X, EXCELLON, Sieb and Mayer, DXF, BRD(Eagle) etc.
  • It will be good if exist text labels on top or bottom side for orientation.